Master Plan is an exceptional mix processor, capable of a variety of tone shaping options, wonderful sound quality, and of course clean, crushing loudness if desired.
Damien Lewis
Mixing Engineer | Los Angeles, CA
Beyonce, Lizzo, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Janelle Monae
HOLY CRAP!!! this RULES!!! I've never really mastered anything before but man just tweaking a few things...it makes my recordings sound professional!!
Ray Karl
Producer | Phillipines
I have never used anything like this. After 3 days of testing, I decided to buy it. The sound is amazing and it does everything as well as Chandler, Softube, Acustica, etc. I will buy everything you make for sure, without trying it.
Producer, Engineer | Belgrade, Serbia
Aleksandar Sofronijevic, Rogati & Boris Rezak, Branko Koprivica
Instead of using all my others in chain, this brought me quick to a finished sound and the client said the track was perfect. Really loving Master Plan a lot. It's not leaving my chain ever.
Justin (jkonthetrack)
Producer, Engineer | New York
...the sheer sound quality of all those single elements and controls. They are well thought out and once you understand them it's a joy adjusting them. The Widener is for sure one of the best I heard so far...
Producer, Artist | Stuttgart, Germany
It feels like my ears have been clogged my whole life 'til now. I've had at least 8 plugins on my mix bus for years and Master Plan literally just replaced them all.
Producer | Phoenix, AZ
Saint Bodhi, Mike Zombie, Jay Sean