Above is an image of Master Plan as it appears on the main page
Loud— Special true-peak dodging limiter/clipper
Wide— Phase coherent stereo depth
Low/High— Tone controls, buttery and open
Thick— Fine-tuned, analog-inspired saturation
Clean— Remove mud in the lows
Smooth— Gently tame your dynamics
Multi— No-nonsense multipressor
Calm— Tame harsh high frequency buildup
Tape— True analog tape glow
Meters— Loudness, clipping, and dynamic range
  1. Remove all plugins from your master bus/2-track and insert Master Plan.
  2. Turn up Loud until the LUFS-S and LUFS-I meters are mostly green and white. Click the meters to reset them.
  3. Adjust the Low & High tone controls to preference.
  4. Turn up Wide until it feels like your track comes alive. Turn back if things get too spacey.
  5. Muddy? Flip on Clean. Harsh? Flip on Calm. Thin? Flip on Thick.
  6. To add some glue, reach for Smooth & Tape.
  7. Mix problems with resonance in loud spots? Use Multi.
  8. When you're happy, test your track through different systems using the filter controls on the right.


Instantly turn mixes into release-ready masters

Master Plan is a professional audio mastering workflow that gets you release-ready masters with simple controls: Crystal clear loudness, rich, analog saturation, phase-coherent imaging, physical tape emulation, and extra tools to fix and monitor your mix.
  • Mac Compatibility: OS 10.11 (El Capitan) or later, AAX/AU/VST3, Intel and Apple Silicon
  • PC Compatibility: Windows 10 or later, AAX/VST3


Master Plan is an exceptional mix processor, capable of a variety of tone shaping options, wonderful sound quality, and of course clean, crushing loudness if desired.
Damien Lewis
Mixing Engineer | Los Angeles, CA
Beyonce, Lizzo, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Janelle Monae
HOLY CRAP!!! this RULES!!! I've never really mastered anything before but man just tweaking a few makes my recordings sound professional!!
Ray Karl
Producer | Phillipines
Master Plan's limiter can be pushed aggressively far! All the tonal options are tasteful and applicable across genres... This plugin is legit.
Mark Parfitt
Mixing Engineer | Los Angeles, CA
Justin Bieber, Kehlani, Ty Dolla $ign, Snoop Dogg
Instead of using all my others in chain, this brought me quick to a finished sound and the client said the track was perfect. Really loving Master Plan a lot. It's not leaving my chain ever.
Justin (jkonthetrack)
Producer, Engineer | New York
I have never used anything like this. After 3 days of testing, I decided to buy it. The sound is amazing and it does everything as well as Chandler, Softube, Acustica, etc. I will buy everything you make for sure, without trying it.
Producer, Engineer | Belgrade, Serbia
Aleksandar Sofronijevic, Rogati & Boris Rezak, Branko Koprivica
...the sheer sound quality of all those single elements and controls. They are well thought out and once you understand them it's a joy adjusting them. The Widener is for sure one of the best I heard so far...
Producer, Artist | Stuttgart, Germany
It feels like my ears have been clogged my whole life 'til now. I've had at least 8 plugins on my mix bus for years and Master Plan literally just replaced them all.
Producer | Phoenix, AZ
Saint Bodhi, Mike Zombie, Jay Sean



1) Remove your master bus limiters

2) Insert Master Plan

3) Select the "Quick Master" preset

4) Turn up the "Loud" knob

5) Enjoy

*We do not endorse the Loudness Wars. But if you do happen to get into a war, and it's about Loudness… you will win.